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Commercial of new Socialist service


Video production studio "Spotmakers" has developed the commercial for the new service from the Socialist Media. In the context of developing an advertising banner and "blindness" the possibility of seamless placement of advertising information in gaming products come in handy. In this video, we have demonstrated all the features of the service.

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    The full cycle video production company Spotmakers works since 2010 and is already one of leading companies in motion design field. Today the company focuses in itself a strong team of producers, directors, operators, art directors, illustrators, designers, screenwriters, copywriters, sound designers, programmers and other experts in the video production and interactive projects. Spotmakers works in Moscow and Kazan and has partners in many cities and the countries.

    Motion Design (or Motion Graphic Design) is the branch of graphic design using its principles in the video production with use of animation or cinema receptions. Many works in the motion design field include methods of kinetic typographics and graphic animation.

    In other words, the animation design is the technology allowing objects, figures and symbols to come to life on the screen. The result of work of motion designers is animated movements of characters and objects, infographics and the emerging texts.

    The price of motion designs consist of a creative (the scenario, a storyboard), graphic production (cost depends on timing of a video and complexity of its creation) and post-production.

    Contact us or fill online brief to order the motion design. Filling of a brief and accurate definition of tasks is one of the forming links of the qualitative project. Working with Spotmakers each client always receives effectively adjusted communication, observance of timing of the project, expeditious introduction of editings and the most qualitative result.

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