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Interactive augement reality presentation for FINA Masters Kazan 2015


We have developed an interactive presentation of the iconic places of Kazan for the FINA 2015. With the help of augmented reality technology, the user can examine 3D models of buildings, without leaving home. Simply install the app on your device.

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    The full cycle video production company Spotmakers works since 2010 and the studio actively is engaged in development of interactive projects in recent years. Today the company focuses in itself a strong team of producers, directors, operators, art directors, illustrators, designers, screenwriters, copywriters, sound designers, programmers and other experts in the video production and interactive projects. Spotmakers works in Moscow and Kazan and has partners in many cities and the countries.

    Interactive projects are the projects demanding creation of non-standard content for different platforms by means of which users have an opportunity to interact with this content with the different level of immersion. Level of interactivity depends on the purposes of the project, characteristics of content and the carrier and many other factors.

    Development of the interactive decision can include creation of content for systems of virtual or augmented reality. Such content can extend both in online, and in an offline mode. Projects can be placed as on the Internet resources for independent interaction, and on offline actions in the form of physical interactive platforms.

    Estimates in Spotmakers are objective and transparent, and the price of the interactive project consists of several factors: creative or its optimization, video and graphic production (depending on content type), software and post-production.

    Contact us or fill online brief to order the interactive project. Filling of a brief and accurate definition of tasks is one of the forming links of the qualitative project. Working with Spotmakers each client always receives effectively adjusted communication, observance of timing of the project, expeditious introduction of editings and the most qualitative result.

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